My Favorite Picture Books!

the gardener

This is one of my favorite picture books: The Gardener by Sarah Stewart with pictures by David Small.

In this story, you get to read letters (I love writing letters) about a girl, Lydia Grace Finch, who has to go live with her uncle above a bakery (I love bakeries, too).  Her uncle seems like a real grump, but you can tell he is actually a sweet old uncle inside–he makes cakes, after all.  Lydia Grace Finch has a great idea–she will plant a garden on the rooftop of her uncle’s grey building!  Seed by seed, sprout by sprout, Lydia Grace transforms the bakery into a blooming wonder.  I LOVE the pictures by David Small–lots of flowers and a cat and cakes–all my favorite things!

Have you ever planted a seed?  Do you have a garden?

I hope so.  You can become anyone in a garden:

a magician planting a special seed (that might sprout a flower or a pea or an elephant–who knows?);

a spy (hiding under a forsythia bush or up in a cherry tree);

a scientist (finding a snake or slug or groundhog);

a fancy lady or gentleman (strolling through the flowers);

or just YOU, lying on your back in the sunshine with the smell of earth and grass all around you.

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Of all the wonders in a garden, what do you count as your favorites?

I love: roses, earthworms, robins, shiny yellow or red tomatoes, and sugar snap peas.  Oh, and ladybugs.  And sunflowers!  And carrots, and. . . .