It’s been a busy and fun few days!  Today, I visited Ms. Baker’s kindergarten classroom!  We created some fantastic haiku together about books (we took a page from classic haiku and didn’t pay attention to the stringent syllabic rules that rule haiku these days but instead focused on “word pictures”).  The students spoke their haiku as they played the drum.  My favorites from students include Books are a boat, / the words are paddles. . . and

Books are a river, / the words are waving grasses/ growing higher. . .


Last week, I got to make book jackets with fourth graders; then there was a cozy afternoon at Poulsbo’s Liberty Bay Books (with crafts and cupcakes), and yesterday morning, I spent a couple hours with fifty sixth graders, writing poems!

So hurrah for author events!  I am humbled by the brilliance and creativity of the students with whom I meet and create!

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Thanks to Liberty Bay Books, Martin Cockroft, Jess Tameilau, and Kristin Jagodzinske for these photos!

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