After a visit with Writers in the Schools, Seattle (with the guitar):

“Honestly, when they walked in and told me they were planning on singing with 4th graders I was skeptical. Nope – they knew how to tap into the 4th grade sense of humor, kept them moving from topic to topic & incorporating movement & student participation – they were amazing.”

–A. Young, Librarian at View Ridge Elementary, Seattle, WA


“In my kindergarten classroom we built a story  using objects to generate ideas about characters, problems, and solutions.  This allowed my students to be  engaged in the writing process in a fun and interesting way. . .when you take a love of children and the arts and mix in kind, generous hearts you’ve got a combination for fun and learning that can’t be beat!”  

–T. Echegaray, Kindergarten Teacher, PA



[After a visit with my husband, Martin, also a poet]:

“My students had the opportunity to write poems with the Cockrofts.  Sometimes it is hard to get students excited about writing and motivated to think creatively and independently.   In a short period of time, Mr. and Mrs. Cockroft had given my students the inspiration and encouragement to be proud authors of haikus that were later shared with the entire school.”

If you get the opportunity to have the Cockrofts involved in school events, workshops, et cetera, TAKE IT!  It will be fun, memorable, and a great learning experience!”

–Nicholle Trollman, 4th Grade Teacher, PA