Yay, Dogs! Yay, Rain!  Yay, Babybug!

Charley feels ECSTATIC–the new issue of Babybug is here!

When Charley heard he (or his doppelgänger, who is a bit browner than he is) had appeared in this award-winning magazine for babies and toddlers, he just couldn’t stop his happy dance.

And then when Charley saw the amazing illustrations by Steve Brown accompanying the rhyming text by his adoring human (that’s me) he could barely contain himself with joy!

Okay, Charley, time to close Babybug and go to sleep!


Charley would love it if you would order your own copy of this lovely, thick-paged Babybug, filled with stories and poems just for mamas, papas, and their little bugs.

. . .Order HERE or head to your local library!

Babybug * April 2017 * Volume 23 * Number 4 * cricketmedia.com

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