READING BEAUTY–coming in February!

Reading Beauty from Pelican Press has a release date: February 2018!

What a wonderful feeling, to know my book is at the printers as we speak!  I love how the illustrator, Mary Grace Corpus, has brought this fairytale twist to life!

I’m just now beginning to plan readings, library and bookstore visits, and workshops.  If you or someone you know might be interested, please let me know!  You can also go here to learn more.

From Pelican:

“Gabe and Ellie love soccer, animals, games, and especially gum, but they hate to read! Upon telling Ms. Molly, the mysterious librarian, that “reading is boring,” Ellie falls into a deep read! Gabe tries everything to break the curse, but only a read of true love can free Ellie. Determined to have his friend back, Gabe traverses the mountain of books surrounding Ellie to find the perfect book for him. Can he read a book cover to cover and truly love it?

A masterful twist on an enchanting fairytale, this story shows children that there’s a book for everyone! The magical library illustrations and hidden Pelican books propel readers and non-readers on an unforgettable adventure sure to help them find their very own ‘perfect read.'”

Stay tuned for more. . . .

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